This week, members will explore the polar region!  Members will learn about life in the polar region, the difference in Antarctica and the Artic, and identify animals that live in the polar region.  Members will participate in DIY STEM activities and Summer Readings that are related to this week’s theme.



Monday, June 15th:



Tuesday, June 16th:



Wednesday, June 17th:


  • Here is a motivational video from Mrs. Monica. 

  • Join us for a live chat at 1:30 PM CST using this link!

  • It is important for you to stay active at home.  Workout with Mr. Ron using this video.  

  • Enjoy this Summer Reading video with Ms. Hunter.

  • Want to learn more cool facts about the polar region?!  Check out this video.

  • If you missed our video chat, closing reflections can be found here.


Thursday, June 18th:



Friday, June 19th:


  • Club Member Spotlight!  Who will be recognized today?!  Join us at 1:30 PM CST to find out with this link.



Make sure you take time to read a book or a chapter of a book each day during the summer to stay ready for next school year.

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