This week, members will learn that deserts are more than just sand and really hot temperatures!  We will discuss what makes deserts special and explore how plants and animals survive there. We Will review interesting facts through art, Brain Gain, DIY STEM, and Summer Readings.



Monday, July 13th:


  • Check out this motivational video from Mrs. Cynthia! 

  • Learn more about deserts with Mrs. JoAnne here! 

  • Check out this DIY STEM video with Ms. Hunter here!

  • Check out this video for healthy snacks that you can make on your own!

  • Closing reflections can be found here.

  • Join us for a live chat at 6 PM CST using this link.


Tuesday, July 14th:


  • Enjoy this Summer Reading with Ms. Sarah.

  • Check out this art video with Mrs. JoAnne!

  • Reduce your stress and anxiety with Mr. Ron using this video!

  • Let's take a virtual field trip to explore the desert here!

  • Closing reflections can be found here.


Wednesday, July 15th:



Thursday, July 16th:



Friday, July 17th:




Make sure you take time to read a book or a chapter of a book each day during the summer to stay ready for next school year.

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