WEEK OF August 3rd:


This week members will learn about the islands in order to understand how people survive in this habitat and where islands are located across the world.  We will review interesting facts through Art, Brain Gain, DIY STEM, and Summer Readings. 



Monday, August 3rd:


  • Check out this motivational video from Ms. Sarah. 

  • Learn more about islands with Ms. Hunter here.

  • Closing reflections for our theme can be found here.

  • Join us for a special live chat at 6 PM CST using this link.


Tuesday, August 4th:


  • Check out this motivational video.  

  • Enjoy this Summer Reading with Ms. Sarah.

  • Check out this Art video with Mrs. JoAnne.

  • Mr. Ron wants you to practice your basketball skills with the Nerw Orleans Pelicans.  Check out the Pels video here!

  • Closing reflections from our theme can be found here.


Wednesday, August 5th:



Thursday, August 6th:


  • Check out this motivational video here.

  • Enjoy this DIY STEM video with Ms. Sarah.

  • Let's take a virtual field trip to explore the Galapagos Islands here.

  • Closing reflections from our theme can be found here.


Friday, August 7th:





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