WEEK OF August 17th:


This week is dedicated to members identifying their interests and favorites.  We want our members to be able to identify what makes them happy; what captures their attention and what makes them excited!  This week, staff will share some of their favorite things to do and offer activities that will help participants learn more about themselves.  



Monday, August 17th:


  • Check out these personality quizzes from National Geographic, we would love to hear your feedback on our live call!

  • Learn more about Ms. Sarah's favorite book series with this special guest.  

  • Our friends at the Know and Love Foundation have another personality quiz, check it out here.

  • Join us for a special live chat at 6 PM CST using this link.


Tuesday, August 18th:


  • Check out this video with Mrs. JoAnne as she shows us her favorite morning hobbies with her fur baby.

  • Mrs. Monica's favorite book is "Charlotte's Web" by E.B. White, check out the book here! 

  • We would love to know about more of your favorite things, fill out this worksheet and let's talk about it on our call on Wednesday! 

  • Check out this video from Mr. Ron as he reflects on some of his favorite moments in his life as a University of Southern Mississippi Golden Eagle.


Wednesday, August 19th:


  • Check out this video as Ms. Hunter shares one of her favorite hobbies, gardening!  

  • Mrs. JoAnne loves to bake cookies and express acts of kindness.  Check out this video to see how she combines them both!   

  • Mrs. Monica loves snoballs.  Take a trip with her to the snoball stand to find out what her favorite flavors are! 


Thursday, August 20th:


  • Check out this video to find out one of Mrs. Cynthia's favorite places.  

  • Mrs. Monica wants you to enjoy this episode of her favorite characters, the Berenstain Bears! 

  • Extra, Extra!  We want to read all about you!  Complete this worksheet and share it with us on our next live call!  


Friday, August 21st:


  • Take some time for yourself today and do some of your favorite things.  We would love to hear about them on our live next Monday at 6 PM.  Remember to read at least 30 minutes a day!  




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