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An important message from all of us at Boys & Girls Clubs of Southeast Louisiana:

Dear Community Partners, Donors and Friends,

Due to the unprecedented actions taken by our state and local leaders to try to minimize the spread of the COVID-19 virus we have been forced to temporarily shut down all of our four Clubs across Southeast Louisiana.

Although no one is certain of the impact that the COVID-19 virus will have on our community, the impact of these closures is real and immediate on our Club Kids, their families, and our professional staff. Despite these closures, our commitment to serving our youth, their families and the community remains the same. We are working diligently to find other areas in which we can positively impact those in need during a time of crisis, whether that's providing snacks, meals, and/or school supplies and lesson plans to parents who now have their children at home full-time, to further training and developing our staff while the Clubs remain empty.

In the nonprofit world, the needs of our beneficiaries do not go away as people take precautions and self-isolate. In fact, they do the opposite. During these challenging times, the need for our help and your external resources only increases. Having to close our Clubs, and postpone or cancel fundraising events is not only disappointing but it causes hardships and stress to those who rely on us on a daily basis, both today and in our future. As a community we will get past this, and when our Clubs are allowed to reopen, we expect that the need and demand on our resources will be even greater than they were before. We want to be prepared for that event, we want to ensure that the youth of our community, those who need it most, once again have the very best available safe spaces, with professional caring and mentoring staff in place and with critical programs and activities ready for their return

We kindly ask for your continued generosity, and there are many ways that you can get involved; Whether it is a direct donation or setting up a personal fundraiser online (we can assist with this), to a gift in kind, or donated items that can be showcased in online auctions, to participating in our events and activities once rescheduled, your help is greatly appreciated.

For any additional information on how the COVID-19 virus is impacting the Boys and Girls Clubs across the US and for any additional questions, please contact

Every dollar and every gift, no matter how big or small, goes a long way.

Thank you!

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